Kaumudi – A curtain raiser

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Kaumudi (Moonlight) – a play in Hindi – is about a rite of passage. Set in the world of company theater in 1960’s Allahabad, Kaumudi explores the dynamics of an estranged father-son duo over three days – the last three performances of a great actor about to lose his sight.

Satyasheel, the father, has been a celebrated actor in Neelima Theater for years, and his portrayal of Ekalavya has reached a certain level of perfection – a level coveted for by most young upstarts. Now, at the twilight of his career, he finds himself treading the difficult path of stepping out from a world of light and sound into a world of darkness waiting for him. Will he go “gently into the dark night”?

Paritosh, the son, a young actor who grew up with the void of not having a father by his side, has come back to Neelima Theater to challange not only Satyasheel’s Eklavya…

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2 Responses to “Kaumudi – A curtain raiser”
  1. Oindrilla says:

    This happens to be one of the best plays I have watched. The acting was spectacular, the script was really thought-provoking, the stage set-up with the props, the lights and the music was so engaging that it had the audience enraptured- in short it was beautifully rendered. Really enjoyed it!

  2. Varsha says:

    Amazing performances of all 4 actors in the play. Great mix of humor,despair & depiction of the struggle of the outgoing father and incoming son. Only the last portion became little drab when father is not letting go of his position (his last words on the stage). The Krishna and Arjun duo provided a great humor break.

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