Indian Ensemble presents TREADMILL – Aug 6th & 7th

Indian Ensemble 
(A play in Hindi)
Official selection at the first Festival of Contemporary Indian Theatre in Paris 2013
final poster copy

Treadmill is a journey of exploring personal memories of people in towns of India. Treadmill at its first glance is a comedy in the simplest sense of the word. In its simple manner it looks at the various instances of our lives when we continuously run but without ever getting anywhere. The metaphor of the treadmill looms throughout the play, in its content and in its form, where images, instances, memories repeat but are interpreted afresh by everyone in their own way.

“Treadmill left one breathless, desiring more than ever to reminisce over the days gone by”-  
The Hindu (2012 May) 

Written by Sandeep Shikhar

Directed by Abhishek Majumdar

Sandeep Shikhar, Virginia Rodrigues, Ashwini Kumar Chakre 

06th August, Tuesday & 7th August, Wednesday 

Time:  7:30 pm,

 Venue: Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar, Bangalore.

Tickets – Rs 150

TELEBOOKING : 9886324733

            Tickets also available at the venue

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