Cast and Credits – Harlesden High Street

Harlesden High Street

a play by Abhishek Majumdar

Produced by: Indian Ensemble

Directed by: Neel Chaudhuri

Cast: Arundhati Nag/Ammi

Bikram Ghosh/Karim

Sandeep Shikhar/Rehaan

with Abhijit Pakrashi, Arpita Phukan Biswas, Syed Ali Bager Kazmi, Ramneek Singh, Virginia Rodrigues

Assistant Directors: Virginia Rodrigues & Chanakya Vyas

Stage Design: Aanchal Baranwal (based on drawings by M.S. Sathyu)

Sets: Sunil Shastry, Pramod Shetty

Lighting: Mohammed Mustafa A.

Original Music: Samar Grewal

Sound Design: Neel Chaudhuri

Sound: Surabhi Vasisht

Production: Pavan Kumar, Harinath Pandey, Amit Sharma

A Note on Harlesden High Street:

Harlesden High Street is about identity- what it means to be a Pakistani immigrant in a foreign land, ‘brown footprints on white sand’. If this already suggests the weight of discrimination and terror inspired xenophobia, then the play seems to eschew the obvious and place itself more delicately in the ambitions and frustrations of the working class. The truth is that the British-Pakistani community in Harlesden, London, lead a rather mundane life; their concerns are the success of their ttrade, the marriage of their children, the paying of medical bills…. but how do they see themselves? How do their aspirations bridge their past and future? And why is this significant?

Abhishek has composed this play as a series of short exchanges and soliloquies, each a window to an interior space. By using three representative characters, the play is true to their own unique circumstances while also opening, a hall of mirrors, reflecting and extending their stories to include their families and neighbours. And it is in this interior space that the play rises above its mundane setting. Each life is a complex memory and the discordant present. There are all sort of echoes, some of them as distant as the Partition and some as near as a police siren.

Harlesden High Street received  the 2008 Hindu MetroPlus Playwright Award.

Our Sincere thanks to Bangalore School of Business Studies, KH Kala Soudha and Ranga Shankara for their generosity.


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