A Walk into the Sets of Harlesden (June show)

Initially designed by MS Satyu, the set for Harlesden High Street has seen many changes since its first show. It was based on a few sketches of a suburban London, replete with its very own moving bus (Made of wood and on wheels). Though initially almost as big as any real life London double decker, the bus looked like this in the final show

Rehaan and Karims’ vegetable shop,

The backdrop is a flex on which the designs have been drawn. The initial sketches were made on a notebook first by MS Sathyu and then enlarged and reproduced by hand on the flex.

The McCaul’s cafe

The ‘new’ set is much trimmed one. It has shed tons of wood, and gained a clock, a screen and some cane.


And mostly it has been a happy trade.

Thanks to MS Sathyu for the initial time and effort and to our star design intern Anchal from NID, Ahmedabad and not to mention the production team at Indian Ensemble.



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