Indian Ensemble’s Training Program – Call for participants.

After the successful completion of its first batch, Indian Ensemble
calls for participants for it’s training program for the year 2010 – 2011.
Indian Ensemble’s Training Program is an extensive theatre course which aims at
helping each participant find their creative inspirations and utilize it to
create work in the Theatre space.
Participants train towards becoming actors, writers, directors and
towards discovering and creating their own Theatre.
The program is spread over 10 months with 2 days of workshop sessions per week.
The participants are expected to spend a minimum of 6 hours other than the
workshop hours for rehearsals / creative work. The workshop is language-neutral
and participants are encouraged to use and create work in their
mother tongues.
No prior experience in theatre is expected of the participants. What
is expected, however, is an interest in art forms, a commitment to attend the
sessions (on time) and to spend the required number of rehearsal hours
every week.
Fee Structure: Participants can pay Nothing or Rs. 500 or Rs.1000 per
month or when they can pay, depending on individual circumstances.
The workshop is slated to start in the first week of September 2010 and will be held at
RangaMadu, behind IIMB Campus, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.
Please email or get in touch with Shreekanth
at 99861 46506 for more information.

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