Ensemblers 2009-2010

Abhijit Pakrashi has devised and directed the performances – Dial M for Macbeth, One day at the Louvre / Loo. He also writes and has acted in ‘Pheluda Pherot’ and several other performances. According to him, he is a student, a seeker and a performer who chooses to explore the conflict in the seemingly stable and extract drama out of the ordinary. He says, ‘Theatre has been a revealing journey for me; it has given me the means to connect with roots, rhizomes that I never thought existed’

Akshay Gandhi works as a software engineer. He has learnt the martial art form ‘Yeshu-Do’ for 2 years.  He was introduced to theatre after he watched the play ‘Maut Ke Saaye Mai’ in 2009 and felt a strong pull towards it. This made him join Indian Ensemble which he says helps him explore the ‘infinite possibilities of expression’

Chanakya Vyas has been associated with theatre since 2007. He started with Abhishek Majumdar’s ‘Lucknow ‘76’. For him, ‘theatre has been a self evolving process and has helped me think in a more liberal way’. He has made a short film titled ‘Aaj ki taaza khabar’ while working in Pune. He is now back in Bangalore and is actively involved in Indian Ensemble. He is an engineering graduate from VIT Bangalore.

Jahnavi Kamath has completed her graduation in Journalism and has done her diploma in acting at Anupam Kher’s acting academy in Mumbai. She is a theatre artist in Bangalore. For the past four years, she has acted in multiple plays in three different languages( ‘first leaf’, ‘bhadmanus’, ‘gumma’, to name a few), with consistent performances in Rangashankara and other theatres. She has also been an asst. instructor at a dance school called ‘Swingers’ and has performed All round Bangalore. Currently she is acting in two commercial movies- ‘Chitranna’ and ‘Gandhi Kanakku’.

Jayesh Kumar Sharma is a final year engineering student (EEE) from BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus, currently interning at Oracle Financials, Bangalore. He was drawn to theatre from his initial days in college, and is very happy to have been able to pursue it in Bangalore with Indian Ensemble. According to him ‘Theatre is a journey on the path of answers to the inexpressible questions about self, life that are otherwise unquestionable’. He is also interested in dancing and is currently learning Jazz dance from the Yana Lewis dance academy.

Mallika Krishnamurthy

Mallika Krishnamurthy is a theatre and acting enthusiast, an aspiring performer, a student of Theatre Ensemble, a former student of MISFIT, a voice-over artist and a software professional all at once. She has trained in Hindustani vocal for more than 13 years and has been the recipient of the Karnataka Music Academy Scholarship. She describes herself as ‘a student willing to delve into different characters and plays who is working towards being able to play different characters’. She is interested and excited about exploring the world of theatre in the city.

Preeti Bajpai

Preeti Bapai is a MA in Psychology and MBA from Symbiosis, Pune. She was introduced to the theatre world through Manav Kaul’s Hindi play ‘Antaheen’. She joined Indian Ensemble to learn more about the this art form. She has been associated with some other excellent plays like ‘Dancing on Glass’ by Ram Ganesh Kamathan and ‘Treadmill’ by Abhishek Majumdar. She also dabbles in hindi poetry and prose and indian music. She is now looking for more learning, more experiences and more contentment

Ramneek Singh’s interests include theatre, literature, poetry and he is an ardent admirer of Faiz’s poetry. He started doing theatre in March 2008 after joining a workshop for Lucknow ’76 by Abhishek Majumdar. Since then his love only got deeper. He is moved by the works of European writers like Gogol, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dickens, Orwell, Maupaussant, and Urdu poets/writers like Manto, Chugtai, Faiz, Sahir and Iqbal.

Shreekanth Rao’s experience with theatre started with a 20 minute platform performance during Ranga Shankara’s annual theatre festival in 2006. He has been a regular since and is working towards becoming more actively engaged in it. He was a part of Bangalore Little Theatre’s annual Summer Project On Theatre (SPOT) in 2009. The workshop he participated in focused on the holistic introduction to theatre for beginners and culminated in the play ‘Ali Oh Baba’, a play for children, staged in October 2009. He is a software engineer by profession and his other interests include Carnatic classical music and Kalaripayattu. He is now actively involved with Indian Ensemble

Shrunga B.V

Shrunga has been actively involved in theatre for the past 5-6 years. He finds himself fortunate to be associated with several theatre groups in Bangalore like ‘Benaka’, ‘Kalaakunja’, ‘Rangashankara’ and ‘Prayogaranga’ to name a few. He has attended various short term ‘but extremely eye opening’ workshops by eminent directors like Krishnamurthy Kavathar, Neeraj Kabi, Vikram Kapadia, Neelam Mansingh, Gracias Devraj and Prasanna. He is currently involved in Indian Ensemble in what he calls the quest for a method to all the madness. He hopes to ‘continue whatever good is being done and to do very good, meaningful work in future, be it in theatre, movies or serials’

Surabhi Vashisht

‘A man looks larger than life on a big screen…

Smaller than life on a tv screen…

But a man is man himself on stage.

That’s the glory of theatre’

-B V Karanth

‘This is what I believe in and want to continue doing it for the rest of my life. It’s my passion’ she says. Surabhi Vashisht has graduated out of Ninhaasam, is an actor by profession in theatre and TV.

Varun Hemanth’s love for theatre started when he was six years old when he started acting in and later directing plays from his school. In 1999 he attended a 10 day workshop conducted by Rathan Grant and The Rajas (Arundhati, Jagdish and Gautam Raja). After a 6 year break from theatre, he re-entered the Bangalore Theatre circle in 2005. He has acted in plays like ‘Cleopatra’, ‘And then there was none’, ‘Lucknow ‘76’ and ‘First Leaf’ to name a few. He also has a classic rock band in which he is a drummer and singer. The band’s main musical influences are Pink Floyd, Beatles, Doors and other prominent bands from the 60’s and 70’s. The band has also composed music for plays. Varun is an engineering graduate from RVCE and is currently actively involved with Indian Ensemble

A.N. Vinay Kumar is a full time software engineer and a part-time actor. He has played three different roles in The First Leaf, a Ranagashankara production. He has also acted in two plays of Wemove theatre group, of which he was a core member – Me, My love and … and Shadows Alive. He has acted in five short movies, homespun with friends and a handycam. He dabbles in writing, story-telling and puppetry.


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