The Swagath – Parinaam Workshops

Indian Ensemble’s Training Program , in addition to being a  co-operative training space, has a commitment to providing theatre training to underprivileged children , free of cost.

The Social Wing of the Indian Ensemble Training program is headed by Chanakya Vyas , a committed theatre worker himself. The students of the repertory , join the social wing after 5 months of training and accompany other workshop co-ordinators on their sessions at various community centres and schools for underprivileged children.

This is a core area in which Indian Ensemble works , since at the heart of the Ensemble is the idea of being able to provide quality theatre training and practice to anyone and everyone irrespective of their financial backgroumd.

Currently we have programs running at Swagath Community Centre and Parinam Foundation.

Workshop Coordinators :  a) Chanakya Vyas

b) Jahnvi kamath

c) Vinay Kumar

d) Akshay Gandhi

e) Ramneek Singh

Here they share some of the moments, experiences and thoughts.

Akshay Gandhi :
I am part of Indian ensemble from last 7 months with this workshop. Throughout the workshop one of the most strong thing i have learnt or at least understood is that giving and working together gives one joy of living. During term 3 i was exposed to movements. After those sessions I started trusting my body and my body opened up for accepting different scenarios.
When we come to know about Indian ensemble’s collaboration with NGOs I was willing to work with them to explore more possibilities with body.
My first session was with Swagat, i was told children are of 10-14 age group. My main motive was to prepare children to express with body. So, keeping this in mind i planned physical exercises and games which we learnt during our movement sessions.
The session at swagat was extremely energetic students were so enthusiast to learn that they haven’t stopped moving for a single second. The session planned as mostly exercises turned out to be one of my most creative session full of improvisation on movements.
The second session was at Parinam. The number of students were high and room was small. We decided to have a whole session as a games sessions and students working with each other in groups. We worked on two movement sequences without covering any distance, worked on sequence of there favorite sport sequence. The difference here was children were bit reserved to express so the main focus was on to exaggarate each movement to its extreme.
Both the session were full of fun. At personal level it was so encourging to see that children were ready to try and they have strong urge to learn.
Jahanavi Kamath :
Its only when we teach children that we learn the most. Their ideas may seem naive and innocent but when they ponder over it you realize that they understand and observe every minute detail in life which we as grown ups tend to look over. I felt a change in my perspective towards children. They are not just fun and laughter but they are as sensitive and innovative as any adult or perhaps more than them.
It felt so good to see the smile on their faces irrespective of the exercise. The inexhaustible energy , enthusiasm catches upon you. They give so much that you feel more creative and get more ideas as you are watching them. They wont let you stop for a bit even for breath , they can also pick you out incase you are stuck for ideas. Their doubts, their attention to detail and the amount of thoughts they can create from one tiny object just blew me off.
What was striking to me was how their views were so different from ours pertaining to their living conditions. They think a cop only beats up people because thats what they have seen. Many perspectives like these helped me remove a strong bias that i had towards them  and that is the best thing I have gotten from all the twelve days of the workshop . Personally , I conquered a major mind block I had .
Chanakya Vyas:
We started the Theatre Workshop with Swagath NGO for a community in Tilak Nagar & Parinaam Foundation in Byapanahalli. Majority of them spoke in Tamil & Kannada . Initially , I had inhibitions with the language and mode of instruction to them but to my shock they understood and spoke very good English. There was a sincere effort from the kids to speak only in English. Their dramatic sense and enthusiasm is so grounded that at times it just disconnects you from the real world. We used to plan our sessions everyday , as to what we will work on with the children but once we started , it was their energy and enthusiasm that took over the space. Time just flew and we realized that this workshop had enabled so many children to overcome stage fear as well as expressing their thoughts.
Exercises like Navarasa also explored their other side and that was a surprise for them too. We gave them a small topic at the end and they had to work as a team to put up a small performance .It was indeed a pleasure to watch them perform with basic ideas and transforming them into our day to day life.
Team building , group coordination and space exploration were the basic ideas of our workshop and at the end of every session , we learnt something from them.
We are glad to have started this journey and will always look forward to unlearn and learn with the children.
Social Training Programs
Indian Ensemble
Chanakya Vyas : +918971965921
Please contact for arranging more such initiatives.

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